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Detailed contact information:
Company:Guangzhou Tinghui Trade Co., Ltd.
Name of brand owner :Dewei Han
Title of brand owner:The general manage
Address:No.601,Building A,No.1,Airport East Road,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,China
TEL:020-32687345 020-86308413

Officially Authorized Retailer On
Account Name: Etoopery
Company Name: Shenzhenshi Futianqu Xiangshengdingmeng maoyishanghang
Legal Representative:Jiasheng Kuang
Address: Shenzhenshi Fu tian qu Hua qiang bei jie dao Sang da dian zi gong ye qu 409 dong 1 lou A02
Tel: +86 13268221032
Email/Account Address: [email protected]

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If you are needing a large quantity of our products or want to become a distributor we would love to partner with you, contact our wholesale team to get the latest bulk pricing and for more information about partnering.
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